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About Our Restaurant

All the best dishes from the Ukrainian cuisine.

Corner of Ukraine its a traditional Ukrainian food made with love from the best Ukrainian chefs, conveniently located in Nyack, NY.

Restaurants is designed in Ukrainian traditional culture. From dining area all a way to the kitchen. The purpose of the restaurant its to show you the culture and tradition of Ukrainian people. In Ukraine we have slogan:”The best food is made when you put there a piece of your soul.” We wanna welcome you to see big Ukrainian soul and taste these dishes what was made with love from Ukrainian people to All American people. Welcome!

    Signature ukrainian dishes;
    High quality of products in all our restaurants.

Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfect for any occasion, whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a casual night out with friends. Come and experience the exquisite flavors of the Ukrainian with us!


Beautiful Views of Our Restaurants

Spaciousness and Ukrainians sophistication in our interiors.


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